For Institutions

We at Edford Consultants believe that if a recruitment business only focuses on quantity/numbers, it will eventually compromise on quality; but if the business believes in quality, it will one day be able to build its clientele of quality clients. By following this rule, we have established our market of genuine students and we are still growing. We aim to attract only those students who pass our eligibility criteria, having studying and completing their degree on time as their top priority.

Acceptance criteria:

• We make arrangements with the managements of local higher schools and colleges and invite their students to our career fairs and other events conducted by Edford Consultants. We issue passes to students with above average/exceptional results in their studies. Those qualify for our premium service free of cost. Please check our services page to see what is offered in premium package.
• We use social media and adverts on search engines e.g., Google for marketing purposes.
• Selection through our regional offices
• Direct selection
• Selection through agencies
• Selection at international education fairs

What you can expect from us:

• Our consultants will counsel and support students throughout the application process, assisting in the preparation/submission of documents and information for this purpose.
• Our agents will conduct themselves with fairness and integrity at all times.
• Eligibility assessment of students
• Students’ documents screening and evaluation prior to application to academic institutions.
• Our dedicated international offices for different regions or countries respond to students’ queries in a timely manner.
• We provide impartial advice to students regarding suitability for courses/institutions and provide reliable guidance on entry requirements for study and the application process.
• We aim to develop a strong working relationship and enjoy a long and mutually beneficial partnership.