About Us

Edford Consultants is an educational consultancy firm based in London with branch offices in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, China, India and Pakistan. It is a fast-growing firm which is achieving its success through customer satisfaction in various parts of the world. Our head office, based in Covent Garden, London (UK) is ideally located in the heart of the city with excellent national and international travel links.

Our dedicated international offices for different countries and regions respond to students’ queries in a timely manner. We provide impartial advice to students regarding suitability for courses/institutions and provide reliable guidance on entry requirements for study and the application process.

Our team of educational consultants have previously worked with the UK’s higher education institutions so you can rest assured that your application is in the right hands. We keep our team up-to-date with the latest visa policies, making clear to the students their obligations under conditions of their student visa. Our consulting services go beyond mere advice: we share our clients’ goals. Our main goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations and become their trusted partners. Our differentiating factor lies in our in-depth knowledge of our field.

British Council Certified Agents

British Council Agent Training Programme increases the number, effectiveness and quality of agents working on behalf of UK schools, colleges, language centres, and universities, and to build agent capacity and professionalism in an industry that plays a key role in international student recruitment market worldwide, by conferring on suitably trained and experienced education agents/advisors, ‘British Council trained agent status’.
It is designed for education advisors to increase their capacity to promote UK education and reward ethical and professional behaviour, also to improve the quality of agents, by providing a British Council professional development route, and of course an international recognition as having achieved a high standard of excellence.

The Global Agents List enables students and institutions to find international education agents who have successfully passed and maintained their certification on British Council agent training programme. It expands on the existing value given to the Education UK brand as a reliable source of agent information, helping students and institutions alike in their search for British Council trained international education agents.

We are ISO 9001 Certified!

ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). We use the same standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.
With the certification, we emphasize the need for high quality standards, and their performance for our clients and partners. Our quality management system is process oriented, and specifically built to the needs of our clients, creates transparency, and ensures continual improvement of all processes and procedures.

Edford Consultants is a member of QISAN

A QISAN (Quality International Study Abroad Network) accredited agent is recognised by their peers, students, educational institutions worldwide, VISA offices and other government bodies as someone who cares for students, acts in a professional manner and gives ethical counsel to their students. Educational institutions will recognise them as someone they can trust to represent them without tarnishing their image, and who will recruit students with the appropriate qualifications, English language levels and financial means to be enrolled on to the most appropriate programme of study.

“QISAN members demonstrate professional and ethical practice in recruitment and delivery of high quality and relevant programmes of study. QISAN members must also demonstrate a caring and supportive attitude to students as well as having a strict code of discipline regarding attendance and study practices.” -QISAN

Our Team

Our consulting team spans multiple generations and crosses a wide variety of experience and areas of expertise. We have proven commercial negotiators, best-in-class consultants and leading professionals drawn from professional services sectors. Our consultants bring leading expertise, a broad range of experience and a passion for what they do to every piece of work. By leveraging our diverse academic and professional backgrounds, deep industry knowledge and areas of expertise, we provide an unparalleled level of services and resources to meet our clients’ needs. Meet some of the team below.

Mr Muzamil Yousaf
(Chief Executive Officer)

As founder and CEO of Edford Consultants, Muzamil Yousaf has helped guide its transformation and strategic direction. He has multiple years of experience as a successful educational consultant with a strong track record of successfully engaging students and all levels of managerial stakeholders to deliver exceptional performance. Before founding Edford Consultants, Muzamil Yousaf has been working as an independent educational consultant. He is a proven leader with deep expertise in developing strong client relationships, a passion for building outstanding client teams, and a disciplined focus on operations and execution.

Mr Sohail Shamsi
(Strategic Development Manager)

Sohail Shamsi is an experienced educational consultant and has been in the field for 13 years. He has experience in a range of educational consultancy functions including: student visa advice, institutions management, project management, communications management and client relationships. In all his projects he has been critical in setting the direction and scope of the project, defining the approach, and driving the delivery of excellent prefossional service.

Mr Tanveer Sheikh
(Senior Associate)

Tanveer Sheikh is an expert in recruitment, business and accountancy field and provides his expertise to clients through strategic planning, cultural transformation and integration, and development of effective academic strategy. He has applied his experience in accountancy, executive coaching and development of effective management skills to successfully guide our clients along the path to successful and sustainable growth.