Our Team

Our consulting team spans multiple generations and crosses a wide variety of industries and areas of expertise. We have proven commercial negotiators, best-in-class consultants, and leading professionals drawn from high-end service sectors. Our consultants bring leading expertise, a broad range of experience, and a passion for what they do to every client they assist. By leveraging our diverse academic and professional backgrounds, deep industry knowledge, and broad range of skills, we provide an unparalleled level of services and resources to meet our clients’ needs. Meet some of the team below.

Muzamil Yousaf

(Chief Executive Officer)

As founder and CEO of Edford Consultants, Muzamil Yousaf has helped guide its transformation and strategic direction. He has multiple years of experience as a successful educational consultant with a strong track record of successfully engaging students and all levels of managerial stakeholders to deliver exceptional performance. Before founding Edford Consultants, Muzamil Yousaf worked as an independent educational consultant. He is a proven leader with deep expertise in developing strong client relationships, a passion for building outstanding client teams, and a disciplined focus on operations and execution.

Sofia Oliver

(Business Development Manager)

Sofia Oliver is an experienced business development manager responsible for the firm’s continued growth within the UK education market. With her skills in business strategy, business research and development, Sofia has proven herself to be an asset for Edford Consultants. She also gathers feedback from customers or prospects and shares this information with internal team members and management to improve the future activities of the business.

Sohail Shamsi

(Senior Consultant)

Sohail Shamsi is an experienced educational consultant and has been in the field for 13 years. He has experience in a range of educational consultancy functions, including student visa advice, institutions management, project management, communications management, and client relationships. In all his projects, Sohail has been critical in setting the direction and scope of the project, defining the approach, and driving the delivery of excellent professional service.

Anna Lucas

(Marketing Officer)

Anna Lucas has brought years of successful leading marketing experience to Edford consultancy’s service. She is responsible for the development and implementation of marketing and advertising plans for all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. She implements marketing strategies, manages the student recruitment team, the student experience, and the web and publications teams.

Tanveer Sheikh

(Education Consultant)

Tanveer Sheikh is an expert in recruitment, business, and accountancy. He provides his expertise to clients through strategic planning, cultural transformation and integration, and development of effective academic strategy. He applies his wealth of knowledge in accountancy, executive coaching, and development of effective management skills to successfully guide our clients along the path to successful and sustainable growth.

Zain Omar

(Regional Managing Consultant)

Zain Omar is an experienced consultant at one of Edford Consultants’ regional offices. He has great expertise in Tier 4 and immigration rules; his knowledge about the UK educational system makes him the best choice for international students. He always guides his students through the application process and into the institution that will best suit their specific needs. He typically offers the following services to his students: education counselling, arranging language tests, preparing applications to institutions, pre-departure briefings, visa and immigration advice, and help with flights and accommodation.