Professional Recognition

British Council Certified Agents

As a British Council Certified Agent, we always try to increase the effectiveness and quality of work, build our agents’ capacity and professionalism. We make sure that our agents are appropriately trained to meet the standards set by British Council.

British Council certification is only awarded to education consultants who are reliable and work to promote UK education and the opportunities this can offer students. We are proud to be a British Council Certified Agent because it reflects our passion for work and drive for delivering the best every time. Our British Council certification is a badge of honour that shows we will never compromise on the quality of our advice, and will consistently work to the high standards set by the Council. Students who use our services can rest assured knowing we will match them with the right institution.

We are ICEF Trained agent!

ICEF is a global leader in international education, committed to advancing the industry through the promotion of best practices, strengthening of global networks, and sharing of insights and analysis on the latest industry trends and data.

Our team members have completed an ICEF training course and we use the same standard to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide services that meet customer and institution requirements.

QISAN Accredited

A QISAN (Quality International Study Abroad Network) accredited agent is recognised by their peers, students, educational institutions worldwide, VISA offices, and other government bodies as someone who cares for students, acts in a professional manner, and gives ethical counsel to their students.
As a QISAN member, we demonstrate professional and ethical practices in recruitment. We take pride in our delivery of high quality and relevant programmes of study, and our caring and supportive attitudes to students. Holding our business to these standards also means having a strict code of discipline regarding attendance and study practices.