Student Enrolment

We are pleased to offer our extensive services to students from the Middle East, China, Southeast Asia and a number of other countries around the world. There are hundreds of universities in different countries offering thousands of courses and each has its own criteria for student enrolment. The internet presents students with a dizzying array of choices that they usually navigate ineffectively and with bad temper.

It is quite difficult for a student to find relevant information according to their needs and educational history so we therefore act as a filter to find best possible options. We review academic backgrounds and career goals and provide students with a list of recommended universities/courses.


• We advise our students on all aspects of the preparation, application and completion of the admission process.
• Document screening and evaluation prior to application to academic institutions
• Institution and programme selection that is appropriate to the educational background of the student with a particular emphasis on students’ intention and ability to study

• Eligibility assessment

• Assisting students in preparing documents before making application
• If eligible, we take all necessary steps to get you a scholarship.
• We prepare you for the interview if required